What would you call the opposite of dog days…

We’re well into the dog days of summer here on the East Coast although the past few weeks have seen a spattering of humid days, cold days, hot days, and everything in between. In short, spontaneously unpredictable weather.

In any case, summer at home means dining outside on the deck and firing up the ole Weber grill for some BBQ fun. Before we renovated our house (some 10 years ago), we used to have a brick charcoal grill in the backyard that imparted the perfect smoky flavor on everything it cooked. Something about gas-powered grills just doesn’t feel the same.  But we do what we must for our fill of charred goodness.

I seriously love the look and taste that grill marks impart on food. Not only do they provide the quintessential “summer bbq session” experience (charcoal, smoke, and all), but they also make for great photo fodder. Below is just one shot from one BBQ of the many hosted in the Rookie household but still a very typical representation of what one might find smoking on the grill at any given time. Also on the menu: fresh watermelon juice, italian sausages with caramelized onions, potato salad, and strawberry arugula salad (can’t forget the veggies!).



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