Walk Through the Whitney

This past Friday, I made my way to the Whitney Museum of American Art with D to check out their exhibits featuring Jeff Koons and Edward Hopper. Fridays from 6-9pm at the Whitney Museum is pay-what-you-want admission prices (as long as it’s above $.01). I’m pretty sure having an unpaid internship this summer has attuned me to my true calling: finding free (or extremely discounted) food, and staking out museums’ special admission days. Let me just say, thank goodness for Gothamist.com and Bedfordandbowery.com for being my frugal friends this summer.

I got there at around 5:50 and there was already a long line wrapping around the corner, down 75th street, and approaching Park Ave. D arrived only a few minutes later and by that point a hefty line had accumulated behind me. But once they opened the doors the line moved pretty quickly and we were able to get in without much of a waiting time.


“Woman in Tub”

The Jeff Koons exhibit was certainly…interesting. I think what I enjoyed the most was listening to the stories behind his sculptures on the mobile listening device. Although I don’t necessarily “get” the connection between vacuum cleaners and phallic shapes, I am impressed with the detail that he put into his artistic process and all that fun stuff.


On the other hand, Hopper’s paintings were more my cup of tea. I was drawn to the peaceful everyday scenes of life with just a touch of mystery and titles like “Early Sunday Morning” and “Seven A.M.”


We ended the night with sliders and cheese fries at Mark (oh St. Marks, I can never escape you) and dessert at the aptly-named La Churreria. All in all, here’s to an indulgent night of high-brow museum browsing and low-brow greasy meals. Yum.



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