What can I say, I’m a rookie!

I may be the Pantry Rookie but even I need to take a break from food sometimes. So, don’t be alarmed to come here some days to find a post completely unrelated to food. They will most likely be catered more towards my insatiable wanderlust or penchant for shopping for the lifestyle I want (and not the one I have! Sadness). After all, I’m still learning about this whole blogging business myself so I might as well break my own rules every now and then. 


Exhibit A: just look at this amazing mug a friend gifted to me recently. I love the simplicity of its design and the fact that the mug itself isn’t completely round. The handwritten word and organic shape of the mug makes it feel so much more handmade and personal. It’s also super practical since it holds SO. MUCH. LIQUID. I seriously never need to walk back to the kitchen after filling it since I’m usually more than quenched.